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1. Chris Conelly - Son of Empty Sam
As the second track of Chris Connelly's new album, Episodes, "Son of Empty Sam" hails as an exemplary track to the folk-jazz experimental style adopted for this unique and timeless collection. Chris Connelly provides awesome music for nights if you are looking for some interesting and hooky music. At the same time, it's not only for nights, it also shows how an artists can make totally artistic and characteristic music. "Son of Empty Sam" becomes one of MM's favorite songs in 2007, and sure The Episodes will exist on our the most striking music of the year.

2. PJ Harvey - When Under Ether

3. Ian Brown and Sinead O'Connor - Illegal Attacks
If Ian Brown with Sinead O'Connor make a song about pathetic war that goes on in the world now, we sure are with him, sucker politicians don't use the great people (soldiers) for your satisfaction.

4. Kraftwerk – Aerodynamik / La Forme
Amazing Kraftwerk live video from Minimum-Maximum DVD, watch the video carefully
bcause camera distances are almost perfect.

5. Babyshambles – Delivery

6. Interpol - No I in Threesome

7. Leann Rimes - Nothing Better To Do

8. Milburn - What Will You Do When the Money Goes?
This is almost full copy of Arctic Monkeys, voice, guitar hooks, hairstyle, and everything.

9. Pet Shop Boys – Integral

10. Digitalism – Idealistic

Video Flashback!
John Vanderslice - Exodus Damage
Please pay attention to this kind of precious artists, listen their music, go their concerts. Their music must live! His new record Emerald City is a great record from 2007. And this is a fantastic John Vanderslice video for Exodus Damage off the album Pixel Revolt. Dance Dance Revolution-All we're gonna get-Unless it falls apart-So I say: go, go, go, go down-Let it fall down
I'm ready for the end.

Are You Trying To Be Lonely by Paul Weller was the best single of previous week.


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