Band of Horses - Cease To Begin

Rating: 9.0
Holding strong my umbrella, with thankfully smile to the faunders of those little mp3 players, Band of Horses on my headphones, i'm walking to my way. Is there anything i can do if there is a good record in front of me, surely i can't do anything. That's my the weakest side, that's my weakest side if it's playing emotional good music. The previous record Everything All the Time was great, but this is another great record. Second records don't always come like that good. "The Funeral", "Our swords" and "Wicked Gil" are the keytracks of the previous record. We now have "Is There a Ghost", "Ode to Lrc" and "The General Specific" ! Everybody plays guitar, but believe me this kind of broken, bitter voice is one of a kind.

Band of Horses - No One Is Gonna Love You

MM picks: Is There a Ghost, Ode to Lrc, The General Specific


Jaco on 11:58 am said...


Anonymous said...

I would argue that this voice is two of a kind. He sounds like a Jim James impersonator. Not a bad thing though, MMJ rocks and so do BoH.

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