90s Romantic Songs

Part 1
I believe that a music blog should let the readers know about unspotted talents, don't think that a small post can do anything about this. I know everytime i write about these songs, there is someone out there to listen them.

Silver Jews - Ballad of reverend War Character
I can't tell how beautiful this song is, just listen to it. It's very simple and incredibly romantic and dramatic. I like the songs which remind us our feelings, that's great!

Nico - You Forgot To Answer
The song is from Hanging Gardens 1990, i'm not tired of saying Nico's amazing talent on this blog. This is gloomy more than anything you can listen if you also read about her life, her death. This version of You Forgot To Answer is the most pathetic, reminds you there is always someone there waits for your help. They say she sings this song for The Doors vocalist Jim Morrison.

Grant McLennan - Haven't I Been A Fool
He just wrote some amazing songs, but unfortunately he died last year. He was former member of The Go-Betweens which never achieved gold status even if the band was better then R.E.M. I don't know, i never believe to the words like 'You get what you deserve, If you work hard'. Because sometimes they just don't want to give that something you deserve.

Cranes - Shining Road
For me, Cranes was one of the most original lines of 90s, people don't want to support them, though. Powerful vocals, brilliant and dreamy music like driving car under city lights.

Cranes - Adoration


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