Oh No - Dr. No's Oxperiment

The Modern Music says:
With Doctor No's Oxperiment, you hear amazing psychedelic samples from Turkey, Lebanon, Greece and Italy. It also gets your attention on successful instrumental hip-hop music, now you
can see how wrong to be a conservative person on musical genres. Oh No make your eyes open that you can see every music has its own good examples.

Pitchfork says:
Dr. No's Oxperiment is one of the most fulfilling beat-driven instrumental hip-hop records since J Dilla's Donuts, and the fact that he pulled it off solely by turning to a rarely-tapped vein of psych that few hip-hop producers have even approached is proof enough that talent runs rampant in the family.

Oh No - Heavy (MM pick!)

Oh No - Ox Broil

Oh No - Emergency
This song takes its melody from another Turkish song.


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