New Yummy Music !

New Singles
1. Animal Collective - Peacebone
Panda Bear, you know it works to scream like that, i want to scream like that to all i hate.

2. MIA – Jimmy
you can steam the whole album at MIA's myspace page.

3. Bodies of Water - These Are the Eyes
The shouting section 'These Are the Eyes' in the song recalls a Nick Cave song which is named '(I'll Love You) Till The End Of The World youtube'. And the song is borrowing from Arcade Fire's complex indie rock arrangements. If you heart is weak, don't listen to it, because i'm close to have a heart attack right now. Hey, please someone stop this song!

6. Rilo Kiley – The Moneymaker (music video)

7. Elliot Minor - Jessica (music video)

8. The Dead 60s - Stand Up (music video)

9. Ghosts – Ghosts

10. Holy Fuck - Lovely Allen

Song Flashback!
Laurie Anderson - From The Air (original version)
This is not a new song, it's now included in reissued Big Science. You should give a listen to this amazing record that is originally released in the year 1981. The opening song From The Air is remixed by hip-hop producer Dan "The Automator".
Laurie Anderson - From The Air (remix)

Plaster Casts Of Everything by Liars was #1 previous week.


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