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Indie Rock
Actually, i like Barely Legal much more than the two The Strokes song, but these are wonderful too. Especially, 'The Modern Age' sounds so hot!
Strokes - Trying Your Luck
Strokes - The Modern Age

For me, it's one of the most interesting punk band at the center of it all was vocalist Mark E. Smith. You'll love or hate this.
The Fall - Get A Hotel
The Fall - Draygo's Guilt

Alternative Dance
The two song come from New Order's live record Disorderly(1981). This live Lp consists of the most depressive New Order works.
New Order - Senses
New Order - Denial
Alternative Pop
Ok, it's a good choice when the closing song is a good, striking, a sad ass song.
Nick Cave - Henry Lee
Nick Cave - Mercy Seat


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