Band of Horses - Cease to Begin

Melodic indie rockers Band of Horses returned with a new song, and it asks Is There a Ghost? I think the new record will be great, because if you liked the new song at your first listen, then it can't be that good. You should love the song by every new spin. I'm loving "Is There a Ghost", that broken voice is something you want to hear on every season. Everything All The Time was one of the favorite records in 2006. We'll wait and see the new Band Of Horses record that called Cease to Begin.

Band Of Horses - Is There a Ghost (New Track!)
Band Of Horses - Our Swords (MM Pick!)
Band Of Horses - Wicked Gil


Anonymous said...

I love Band of Horses! A friend got me onto them, and I'm so glad she did. Listening to the new album now *cough* but I'll definitely buy it when it's released.

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