Soft Cell - The Twelve Inch Singles

Do you ever dream that you are dancing like a professional dancer on a dance floor? Then, you'll fall in love with Soft Cell The Twelve Inch Singles. Oh! What a fun! I'd like to wear a mask that always looks eccentric. My favorite Soft Cell cut is So which is the closing track of Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret. I know i love this song at heart, because its harmony means a lot to me, it reminds to me the times that i've been so exciting. No doubt, the song is sexy, a little dirty, and so passionate. What's your favourite passionate disco song?

Soft Cell - So (Twelve Inch Version)
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beatmaster23 on 2:51 am said...

glad you posted something else than tainted love or memorabilia! thanks a lot for the track... maybe you can post some more :)

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