Morcheeba - Dive Deep

Following The Antidote (2005), Dive Deep is their next studio album which is expected to be released in late 2007 and is expected to have several vocalists taking the stage instead of the one vocalist all throughout the album. Some of the songs bound to appear on the album have been uploaded for listening on Morcheeba's Myspace site. Songs played included; Flowers, Enjoy The Ride, Riverbed and Washed Away. I like Morcheeba, and i think Dive Deep is a great Morcheeba record. And two of my favourite songs from it are:

Morcheeba - Flowers (Feat. Manda)
Morcheeba - Blue Chair (Feat. Judy Tzuke)

If you like Morcheeba, then listen to:
Portishead - Dummy


Anonymous said...

Download prerelease

lausse said...

I really hope thats not the real albumart - cause if it is it really sucks.

Im givint the album a try right now - and I think the early morcheeba was the best morcheeba. When its getting to nice, clean and sweet im not that into it anymore. But Its not to late - Im still on the train. Back to the roots Morcheeba, and you will keep me forever! ;)

bulut on 3:55 pm said...

no it's not the real cover art:)

Anonymous said...

best album of the year

Musicchannel on 10:05 pm said...

I think this is the real cover art:
Cover Art

via Musicchannel

Anonymous said...

The album is great!
By the way, on their official website there's a funny game, so while you're discovering the new songs you can play!! Go for it !!! ;op

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