Live Free Or Die Hard

This ain't the best Die Hard Serie for sure, but it's one of the best action movies of the summer.
If you don't like the term 'the best', it's a nice movie you can eat popcorn with. Despite John McClane's funny jokes, it still includes the most overdone action scenes that i saw in a long time.
For example, McClane learns to walk on a F-16! He also learns jumping to a long distance from the F-16. On Live Free Of Die Hard, you watch unlimited action scenes one by one, and you adore McClane as a character. By the way, typical Hollywood always has lovemaking scenes. I believe my eyes that McClane wasn't going out with a chick. Still Die Hard (1988) may be the best action/adventure series of all.

Live Free Or Die Hard Theme


Anonymous said...

Its not a F16 Dumb ass!! Its a F35 F16 is an Air Force jet F35 is a marine jet.

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