Julian Cope - You Gotta Problem With Me

You Gotta Problem With Me, Julian Cope's first new album for 18 months, he addresses such currently controversial issues as religion, misogyny and homophobia, corporate greed and the destruction of Mother Earth. Released across two 28-minute-long CDs. A obscure record that needs time to get, mostly a depressive shit. It becomes very hard to go on tolerating middle-aged artists. He loves The Doors, Scott Walker, Tim Buckley and other weird names like Pere Ubu - That's for sure. Julian Cope needs to make music in his own form, because i smell of The Doors on every song on this record. Dark Orgasm was hard to stomach. You Gotta Problem With Me is better than Dark Orgasm. It's a good thing, though.
Julian Cope - Sick Love
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Anonymous said...

Just wait 'til you're middle-aged, pal. Then it all makes sense.

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