The Go! Team - Proof of Youth

'They’ve been playing this one live for a few years now, and it's become an exuberant anthem,
one that evokes feelings of bliss a la The Polyphonic Spree and mixes hi-fi music with lo-fi vocals. Plus, it got people in our office moving.' Filter says about the song. I'll call this song as summer happiness or sunrise. There are other definite cuts like amazing Titanic Vandalism, first single Grip Like A Vice, and many others... Pretty good record, i'll keep listening to "Proof of Youth", and sure it'll help to make my day good!

The Go! Team - Doing It Right



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Hi Modern Music Bloggers,

On behalf of Memphis Industries and The Go! Team, we would kindly ask you NOT to post unreleased Go! Team tracks / links on your site. Regrettably, should you do so DMCA notifications shall be forwarded to the site's ISP and take-down and / or closure action shall follow : naturally, however, we hope that this shall not prove to be necessary.

As you may be aware, traffic on this (unreleased) album is being monitored and removed … .. and not just by Web Sheriff, but also by music industry associations / attorneys so, if you have to indulge in this activity (which the artist would rather you didn’t), then please do it off-line / do not ‘broadcast’ it via blogs or forums ; otherwise your details will be harvested and you may be hearing from the attorneys.

On behalf of the artist’s label, we do appreciate that - of course - you are fans of / are promoting The Go! Team but, by the same token, you must also appreciate that, by posting a pirate copy of the album or tracks from the album pre-release (or linking to pirate copies), you are potentially causing considerable inconvenience and we are sure that you would not want to be personally responsible (or liable) for all of the resulting damage and disruption.

Thank you for respecting the artist’s and label’s wishes and, if you want good quality, non-pirated preview tracks, a selection will be made freely available to fans off the artist’s official web-site in the near future (check-out for full details soon).

Whilst writing, we’d add that The Go! Team are not at all against free music BUT, at the end of the day, it should be (and is) the artist’s decision as to whether or not they effectively allow the unauthorised distribution of their album on-line before its release - as it’s THEIR MUSIC !! Thank you, again, for respecting their wishes.

As you will appreciate, this e-mail - containing, as it does, a position that is potentially prejudicial to our clients’ open / formal position - is written on a without prejudice basis and, as such, all of our clients’ accumulated, worldwide rights remain strictly reserved : please excuse this required formality.

With Thanks & Regards,


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