Fiery Furnaces - Widow City


Matthew and Eleanor Friedberger will unleash their Windy City-related sixth Fiery Furnaces album, Widow City, on the world on October 9 via their new home, Thrill Jockey (located in Chicago). It was recorded near Lake Michigan last winter, and mixed by Tortoise svengali John McEntire at Chicago Soma Studios. Matthew plays every intrument on Widow City, only the drums were played by Robert D'Amico. This is completely another Fiery Furnaces record, which
sounds like what they are. Playful and unpredictable music! Don't be surprised because of the song below. The whole album includes many different sounds, loops and witty music. They're not all complicated like this song. However, i liked energic, fool expressions on this song.
The Fiery Furnaces - Uncle Charlie
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Anonymous said...

This band sound nothing like the White Stripes or the Kills, the only similarity is the fact that these bands are all mysterious duos. Maybe they sounded a little traditional bluesy/white stripesy on Gallowsbird's bark. Widow City is awesome much like everything else they've done.

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