Calexico - Tool Box

Calexico have certainly not been idle in the days since they have last been on the road. Aside from keeping busy with a number of collaborative projects and working on a very exciting film project, Joey and John found time to drop into Big Block studio above Wavelab to record 14 brand new instrumental tracks just in time for the upcoming European tour! It’s called Tool Box, and some tracks are good:
Calexico - Hair Like Spanish Moss
Calexico - The News About William


Parisian Cowboy on 1:48 pm said...

damn... I did not kno they were coming to europe. the nex songs are nice.

Anonymous said...

Joey Burns gave a pretty interesting run-down on of the fav tracks he’s listening to at the moment - you can see where their influences tie into the music. great taste. here it is -

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