Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam - 2007

Some of us love Animal Collective, and their new Strawberry Jam comes in September, i loved
all the songs. Yeah, it's leaked like every new record. Every song sounds great! Like Grass
and other typical Collective songs, Peacebone opens Strawberry Jam with full of Animal happiness. The longest songs such as For Reverend Green, Fireworks are the best songs for sure - slow and sure! Like what they wrote on their myspace, concrete, soul and visual!
Animal Collective - Peacebone (soon it'll be removed)

Strawberry Jam tracklist:
01 Peacebone
02 Unsolved Mysteries
03 Chores
04 For Reverend Green
05 Fireworks
06 #1
07 Winter Wonder Land
08 Cuckoo Cuckoo
09 Derek

More Music:
Panda Bear - Person Pitch


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