Alphaville Singles

Named after Godard's 1959 science-fiction masterpiece and heavily influenced by '80s synth
bands like Depeche Mode, Alphaville was the Munich-based trio of Marian Gold, Bernhard Lloyd
and Frank Mertens. Following their all-keyboards approach longer after synth-pop was fashionable but unfortunately disbanding before artists such as Mouse On Mars made Germanic
synthesizer music hip again in the late '90s, Alphaville remained rather outside of musical trends during their mid-'80s lifespan. What i like most about 80s great synth-pop bands is you play them whenever you want!
Red Rose (Single Version '88)
Forever Young (Album Version)

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Collected Sounds on 7:58 pm said...

I my, I love Alphaville! I about fell off my chair when I saw this photo here. Thanks for posting about them!!

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