Ween The Friends EP

The cool kids were working so hard to release this "The Friends EP" features 5 brand new songs. They will soon release another brand new record. Promise that you'll buy their EP, if you like this song. I love sharing eye catching songs. You love this blog, do you buy one of these amazing records if you think that it's the right one for you? This "The Friends EP" is really nice, every single track sounds cool. It is the ultimate party record, filled with good beats and good times. Perfect for your barbecue or doing bong hits or whatever it is that you guys do.
Ween - Slow Down Boy (new song from The Friends EP)
Nice Ween pictures during recordings at Ween Pictures.
...Check it out:
Ween - Tried and True


Anonymous said...

Wow, somebody who didn't thrash the EP. All the top Google searches yield pretty much negativity for the Ween Friends EP.

I was especially disappointed with Pitchfork's review. Too many superfluous words to describe what is simply an experimental release. So what if it doesn't have the edgy rock that some people expect! I don't think any of the reviewers even listened to it; they probably had it on in the background while editing their already decided upon stance; then mixed in a few words about the tracks.

"Light Me Up" is my favorite. It's got some nice guitar work that obviously went right over some listener's heads.

If nothing else, the vinyl picture disc was very awesome to behold once I opened it.

Can't wait for the album. It's nice to know they used 2-inch, 24-track ANALOG tape to record it with too.

Ween will never be understood by some people, and that's fine. For being an intermediate EP, they are more than justified in pissing off/disappointing some people with their strangeness.

Sal on 5:21 pm said...

I actually like this EP it feels good and I like all the music by Ween so it good they are making an other Cd and this Ep will keeps us in suspense to see what will be on the final cut

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