They Might Be Giants - The Else

With bizarre sense of humor, borrowing from the New York post-punk underground, maybe They Might Be Giants (a.k.a. John Linnell and John Flansburgh) don't invent something new in music, but, God knows that you once listen to their whole albums you won't forget their sweet music. On The Else, they're same !Giants! who play their nice music, and they're always one of the sweetest bands that i've ever listened. This record offers something very friendly like Ween, Weezer, Robyn Hitchcock or any name makes you confused with their melodies and lyrics. Yes!, friendly music reminds you that life is not easy and it's still good to live. Love The Else!

Girl! Why not take out the trash? And once you get him out, tell him not to come back again!

They Might Be Giants - Take Out the Trash (nice song, isn't it?;)
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