New Smashing Pumpkins

The two new Smashing Pumpkins songs Doomsday Clock, Tarantula, and i've got a bad feeling of Zeitgeist. I haven't had problem of previous Billy Corgan and Smashing Pumpkins record. Anyway it's great to see them back (Billy Corgan, Jimmy Chamberlin). Doomsday Clock sounds better than Tarantula, hooks are great, but, isn't it so simple to be a Smashing Pumpkins song?
Doomsday Clock
...also check out:
The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie


Anonymous said...

oooohhh thanks!


Anonymous said...

are you kidding? both songs are awesome! this is the album that should have been out after Mellon Collie! I like the simplicity of Doomsday Clock...its catchy, and shows Billy's restraint.

Anonymous said...

you're right on the simplicity of Doomsday Clock, but it's not something memorable.

YOU ARE A GHOST on 1:07 pm said...

i dont think mr Corgan will repeat himself this time, i think he is heading towards something different...

Anonymous said...


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