New Order - Love Vigilantes

"I want to see/My family/My wife and child/Waiting for me/I've got to go home/I've been so alone you see." After the suicide of their lead singer and songwriter, Ian Curtis , the remaining three musicians Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook, and Morris knew that life would go on. So they decided to border new hooks and a new name to their music, it was New Order. And this was the song from Low-life (1985). Try to forgeting the dark and gloomy days of Joy Division, this song came as a miracle flower is on their rainless garden.
New Order - Love Vigilantes


Anonymous said...

one of my all-time favorites! thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I remember having this in my locker and showing it to my friends like it was the most important find of all time. It was interesting, different, and curious all at the same time. Led me down the road to the Smiths, Chameleons UK, Kate Bush, Cocteau Twins and so many more great 80's bands.

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