The Lives of Others

The way of looking both sides of life from motion pictures is a great gift for modern people. Many different stories, tragedies, happinesses, voices, faces, and i do believe that we can learn a lot about these from a movie. Thanks to Live of Others' creators for bringing such a meaningful movie despite its desperate atmospehere at times. However, life comes as a gift and it all depends on us to see the best or worst side of it.

Lives of Others is about a stunning story connected to historical events (cultural scene of East Berlin), at the same time a deep love of two person. The movie includes very nice soundtrack by Gabriel Yared & St├ęphane Moucha. The one i really love:
Bayon - Stell Dich Mitten In Den Regen


Bjarni from iceland said...

Hi, thank you for posting the song, it really hit me when I was watching the movie and I just had to get a hold of it!

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