Little Miss Sunshine

Great road movie connected with real stories of some of our lives. Like in the movie, there is only winner in the life, so it's not end of the world if you're not winner. I'm really tired of movies which have always a winner at the final. Despite good things that you want in your life, you can't achieve success in rat race everytime. And getting used to this is the best thing to do. Finals are absolutely important in a movie, and Little Miss Sunshine doesn't disappoint you. The soundtrack album was written for the most part by touchy indie rock band DeVotchKa. It's nice to listen their "How it ends" album after this lovely movie.
DeVotchKa - How It Ends
DeVotchKa - You Love Me


YOU ARE A GHOST on 3:03 pm said...

Beautiful movie, yes you are right, you cant always win, thats life, and like in a box fight the only thing you can do is to give two blows everythime you receive one...and keep your fingers crossed...

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