Liars - Liars 2007

It goes in different directions after "Drum's Not Dead", a more listenable sound!!! These guys want to try something new. This time, they gave up to hang out with cannibals ¿? Or maybe they've been listening to Sonic Youth, Jesus and Mary Chain or Pixies quite a lot as well. I must admit that one song (Leather Prowler) was a joyful experience for me, but the band sounds like they've been mixing experimental/post rock, noise rock records for the rest or it. Sometimes guitar works remind you of Phil Manzanera's sharp guitars. It's hard to do a choice between the vocal and the music because the lack of melody except song named "Protection" where they come with a nice vocal contribution to their gloomy music. However Liars provide something more than an avarage post-rock band. You may like this record, but hey Liars, please stop mourning!
Liars - Plaster Casts of Everything


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