Kula Shaker - Strangefolk

After 6 years of silence, Kula Shaker returns with Strangefolk' consists of 13 new songs. When someone says Kula Shaker, you remember their well-known hit 'Tattva' and nice debut "K" (1997), but their brilliant live performances are other goods why they're one of Britain's most exciting bands. As for the Strangefolk, it sounds as something forced, you know, you can't stand aged bands' returnings. "Die For Love" is a great rock ballad and despite clear The Beatles influence, "Fool That I Am" is their best new song in my view. However, the returning albums are not always memorable. They're returning and the record is forgettable, ironic hah?
Kula Shaker - Second Sight
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Monkey Bastard on 4:28 pm said...

Amazing album cover! A little White Stripes-ish, but still amazing.


Anonymous said...

omg its such a boring album

Lace on 11:16 am said...

Watch them on Liveroom.tv,
They are great!


Anonymous said...

As for the cover art, it's clearly inspired by the work of Aubrey Beardsley (make a Google search for more about the guy). If you like the visual style, try watching the video for Stand Inside Your Love, by the Smashing Pumpkins, which is also based on Beardsley's work.

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