Keane - Little Broken Words

Rating: 8.5/10
Oh what a great voice, what a great recording! I thougth it was truly better than their two solo records at first listen. And maybe I'm right or Chaplin' voice gets touchy-feely with moody light music on this b-side collection. There are more than three stunning songs, Fly To Me, The Way You Want It, Emily, To The End Of The Earth, The Way You Want It and many more. Keane should make emotional songs, and with this one they're on right direction after "Under The Iron Sea" which Chaplin's voice exceedingly layered with upbeat pianos, overdosed melodies. This was quite wrong way that he has a pure voice to effect the emotional side of the audience. And also cover songs are chosen delicately to support Little Broken Words' bitter melodies. Keane's voice of such quality singing a pop repertory with some understanding on popular hits such as "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine,"(Walker Brothers), "What A Wonderful World," (Louis Armstrong), morever a torch of Rufus Wainwright "Dinner At Eight"

On "Little Broken Words", every song sounds good-natured, passionate and mellow.
MM picks: Fly To Me, Emily, To The End Of The Earth, Rubbernecking
Keane - Fly To Me
Keane - To The End Of The Earth (Sample)


mark on 3:12 am said...

This is just the kind of smooth voiced music i enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Please note that this is not an official album from Keane, but a compilation of different b-sides, old songs and covers that had already been released. You cannot find this whole album, but you can buy separately the songs that have been put on them by the person who created it. Nice songs, though.

gecko said...

For me the best song of this album is "goodbye yellow brick road" what a sweet voice and melody I never hear a song like this before

Anonymous said...

this is better than their 2 most recent releases

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