Damned Damned Damned: 30th Anniversary Expanded Edition

Just finished listening to White Rabbits' Fort Nightly (2007), and honestly i don't like it. Tried Beastie Boys' The Mix Up (2007) in which The New York rabble-rousers return to rock roots, but again it's not what i want in fact. The Sarah Silverman Tv Show was funny, but it's not funny for me anymore (i'm out of topic again because of my excitement). For today i just only wanted to give you some time worthy music. So should i say Damned! Damned! Damned!? Yeah, the classic punk record for years, and this special 30th anniversary edition of Damned Damned Damned includes the album, and everything else that the band. The early demos, all the B-sides, noth John Peel Sessions. Feel the Pain, So Meshed Up, New Rose, I Feel Alright are my constant favorite on this young hot loud and stiff mammoth punk record. It saves the day and If you ask me, they're all good, pretty fu-c-k-ing good!

The Damned - New Rose
The product of four hours intensive care, this is so hot it's a wonder the vinyl doesn't melt. A great riff that lodges in your brain and enough energy to substitute for Battersea power station.
Damned website


YOU ARE A GHOST on 1:22 pm said...

"Is she really going out with him?" and bam!!! punk history!!!!

ntm on 11:26 pm said...

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