Pixies - Bossanova

This is delicious and whimsical music. They said "Bossanova" as the weakest Pixies when it was released. It was definitely because of Doolittle's shocking effect on them. Or it was Kim Deal's the breeders which got more attention than Bossanova got. As a distinctive record, Bossanova is one of the best albums in early 90s. And it's still a great album, it never gets old and it knows how to steal your heart. Francis (Frank Black) has said Bossanova is his favorite. Velouria, underlining their ability to write timeless singles that filled the head and sent toes tapping incessantly out of time. It's a fitting and a perfect example of 90's alternative rock music.
mp3: Pixies - Velouria


the ricky esteves experience on 11:47 am said...

I like what you wrote about pixies.
Here is a blog similar to yours but you can download the album.




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