New Rock Singles (May 21)

1. mp3: Smashing Pumpkins - Tarantula
I haven't had any chance to listen Zeitgeist yet, but i know that Billy Corgan doesn't disappoint us. "Tarantula" is a shooting beggining for returning the new Smashing Pumkins lineup.
You can also listen non-radio rip version from Spinner.

2. Spoon - The Ghost of You Lingers (Youtube Video)
On "GaGaGaGa" none of the songs sound like The Ghost Of You Lingers, so this makes it their major hit. I think it's a creative video, but it's hard to find something memorable on it, yeah just some video effects and it reminds me visualization effect on winamp player. New Spoon sounds good, there are many likeable songs, but it's not what i want, though. For example
mp3: Spoon - Rhthm & Soul gives a good reason to think about of an upcoming melodic alternative pop record. It just flows, i like it.

3. Amp Fiddler feat Corinne Bailey Rae - If I Don't (Youtube Video)
I'm not a big fan of Corinne Bailey Rae, but, if a song is good, i just say it. This is attractive song features soul, r&b in the formula.

4. The Chemical Brothers - Do It Again (Youtube Video)
5. Dears – You & I Are A Gang Of Losers
6. Queens of the Stone Age - Sick Sick Sick (Youtube Video)
7. Gym Class Heroes - Cupid's Chokehold
8. Jesse Malin – Broken Radio
9. The Pigeon Detectives - I'm Not Sorry
10. Chris Cornell – Arms Around Your Love (Youtube Video)
Chris Cornell's Carry On is nothing better than previous Audioslave which was a terrible
record for me, and that time i noticed that this band no longer lives. For now, he's on his
own, however nothing changes again. Music for teenage girls. Crap!


YOU ARE A GHOST on 12:30 pm said...

sad thing with cornell, he used to be one of my favorite singer in those testosterone charged days of soundgarden....

Monkey Bastard on 2:49 pm said...

Yeah Cornell sure ain't what he used to be.

But at least Queens Of The Stone Age are going strong.

John on 2:43 pm said...

Cornell's first solo album with Alain and Natascha from Eleven kicks the ass of even Soundgarden's best - and I love Soundgarden (but I love Eleven much more).

Those who miss Soundgarden could do far worse than checking out Black Market Radio (Cornell's brother's band).

Not a great tune from Cornell this, though. Some good off-beat phrasing and nice melodic work in the verse (way beyond "music for teenage girls"), but the chorus and middle eight are both pedestrian. Call Natascha and Alain, Chris (although that sounds like it might be an Alain solo, come to think of it).

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