New The Polyphonic Spree

Their name really fits with the bands' efforts, a polyphony sound , catchy orchestral pop, and dozen of members playing various instruments. The most colourful side of The Polyphonic Spree is their live performance, think of two dozen members are costumed in colourful clothes. Having a multiplicity of sounds, waving hello to 1960s' the most popular surf band Beach Boys, The Polyphonic Spree now ready to push their career with "The Fragile Army". It's a sometimes exhausting listen, but it's because of their polyphonics. "Get Up and Go" is something that like to sing with from the new record. If you like bands like The Flaming Lips, Spiritualized, and Mercury Rev, this should be your new addiction.
The album is scheduled to be released on TVT Records in June 2007.
(You can download the title song from
mp3: The Polyphonic Spree - Get Up and Go


YOU ARE A GHOST on 3:29 pm said...

Their sound is brilliant without a doubt! the Beatles/Beach Boys influence is notorious, i havent heard this one yet, but the last two records were goods, now that they have changed their colorful robes for balck military style uniforms, lets see what other surpises have this guys for us!

KyleGagliardi on 2:54 pm said...

it's out of control amazing. be prepared for your musical senses to reach new heights. be prepared for the happiest you'll ever feel, i cried

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