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I feel as if there's more like three albums' worth of material, [because] I don't want to cram a long record into a place that doesn't have the attention span for that. . . I'd like to return to the old-fashioned records that had eight or nine songs [that] were all very important. Not to say that I made records that had filler material. They were all based around a central idea, and the central idea in this one is my pain and its ability to be unashamed to repeat itself.—Marilyn Manson, MTV News

After his several heavy sounded records, we see that Marilyn Manson wants a change on his music. This change and regeneration again becomes around rock music. On "Eat Me, Drink Me", he's more melodic now and his compositions include a sound closer to modern rock or alternative rock. Sure, there are again heavy rock moments, guitar solos, but it's generally poppy and easy to get. Not "Eat Me, Drink Me" is entirely perfect. However, if there is a truth about his new style, it's summarized on "Evidence". Absolutely catchy!
mp3: Marilyn Manson - Evidence (Soon it'll be removed)


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