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With their ceaseless guitar sound, with their vocalist, Interpol always remind me post-punk era, most probably it's closer to Ian Curtis, Joy Division era. They also remind me something near to explode, like some stuck weather in a small place, their sound explodes at the end of every song. That's why they're a unique band so far. "Turn on the Bright Lights" was a brilliant record, they perfectly did everything that a new band could do on a debut.
"We had keyboards on from the start which we've never done before. It's like a fifth member. There's a lot more texture, and interesting sounds, there's definitely progression and growth."
Now new album "Our Love To Admire" will be released on July 10, 2007. I've not listened to the new album yet. But i've heard this nice new single that again sounds like previous Interpol works, maybe this one is little anger than the others with heavy and stressful sound. Like on the art work, it's nature of the world. Eat to survive!
mp3: Interpol - The Heinrich Maneuver
Also Check Live The Heinrich Maneuver on Youtube


Dayve on 12:05 am said...

hey man! great blog you got here. I'm really lookin forward to the new interpol. I've seen them a few times and DJ'd with carlos D a time or two as well.

should be a great record.

I added you to the links on my music blog. Hope you dont mind.

Cheers man!

bulut on 10:20 am said...

Hi Dayve,
Of course i do mind your every single word. Thanks for the link and comment. I hope Interpol will shake us.

mr.A on 2:33 pm said... got to love them!!!!

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