The Mellow Music

Sometimes we look in a beautifully manner to the world, i think i'm living one of that moments right now. Or, it's just because of new The Beach Boys compilation, Disney Girls, why are you so beautiful? Nothing is better than discovering some one of a kind tune!

Harry Nilsson - I'll Never Leave You
This song from Nilsson Schmilsson which is a near-perfect summary of everything Nilsson could do. A dear friend of mine from The States suggested this record before. Love the song!

Nick Drake - Been Smokin' Too Long (From Family Three 2007)
The album contains home and cassette recordings that Drake made prior to the release of Five Leaves Left, most at his family home in Tamworth, while eight tracks from the fabled "Aix Tape" round out the collection. Two songs are included by Drake's mother Molly, that highlight how strong an influence his family had on him.

Beach Boys - Disney Girls (from The Warmth Of The Sun 2007)


Systech on 9:51 am said...

Love the Nick Drake song :)

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