Interpol Live

Bitter, fiery, mellow, up to blue skies, Interpol once again delivers a great indie rock collection
of songs on 2007's Our Love To Admire. Following our previous mention on New Interpol, we discover some live songs from the upcoming record plus a classic Interpol song "Say Hello To The Angels". Believe me "Pioneer To The Falls," sounds great that i almost felt flying on listening to this live performance. Interpol truly becomes a well-qualified indie rock band, they deserve this! As for now, "Pioneer To The Falls", "Mammoth" and "The Heinrich Maneuver" are all hooky and smooth.

mp3: Interpol - Pioneer To The Falls (live at Indio, CA 2007)
mp3: Interpol - The Heinrich Maneuver (live at Indio, CA 2007)
mp3: Interpol - Say Hello To The Angels (live at Indio, CA 2007)


YOU ARE A GHOST on 2:15 pm said...

i dont know, i really never liked them too much, they remind me a lot of Joy Division, have a nice day!

Kris on 4:21 am said...

I'm almost totally positive that "Pioneer in the Falls" is actually the reincarnation of "Mascara" aka "Cubed," which is an old, unreleased song that pre-dates Turn on the bright Lights. Just listen to the al versions, and notice the intro guitar, almost identical to me.

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