Gary Numan - Telekon

After two strong recordings The Pleasure Principle and Tubeway Army, Telekon was Gary Numan's best to admire his interesting music career starting of the lately 70s. Synths are speaking at the start of it with two massive Numan song The "Aircrash Bureau", "This Wreckage". And also two popular hit "I Die: You Die" and "We Are Glass" from Telekon, these are all great gifts for someone who wants to discover forceful vision of New Wave era in the early 80s, a synth pop classic.
mp3: Gary Numan - We Are Glass


YOU ARE A GHOST on 4:36 pm said...

Beautiful! For some reason more people were introduced to synths via Gary Numan than Kraftwerk.

I love the pleasure principle, but my heart is on Kraftwerk

bulut on 4:39 pm said...

Kraftwerk are a robotic legend, indeed. Wait!, another amazing electronic band will be coming today, it's Von Südenfeld, a new collaboration between Mark E Smith and Andi Toma (aka Mouse on Mars). I hope you like it!

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