Feist - The Reminder

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Modern Music Review:
This is another stunning work of art from an indie icon, a canadian singer-songwriter (and Broken Social Scene member). There are so many stunning moments on The Reminder.

I hadn't felt so calmly until i listened to The Reminder. Not only i'm a music fan, you want more and more if you once discover great taste of good music. It just plays, and you just lie, you didn't need to do anything, you needn't have seen the evil side of world. You know that one of the greatest things to do is listening to a solid musical piece for a healthy soul. Why it may not be Feist's "The Reminder"? With its bold modern vocal style, and sentimental harmony, sometimes it's jazzy, and beautiful voice of a woman, she's Feist.

Except likeable single "My Moon My Man", The Reminder mostly interests picky music listeners. Otherwise you may say it's sleepy stuff. Come on, you won't be listening cheery stuff all of your life. There should be emotional moments, just the same. To the closing, it becomes slower and turns to a melancholic love songs best of. Closing track is so magical! Eventually this is so attractive!
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mp3: Feist - The Water
Video: Feist - 1234


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