The Editors New Record

An end has a start, it sounds interesting when you read on the art work. So this is Coldplay's faster version with a lot more Ian McCulloch feeling on it? Or The Killers with a deep voice? I've listened a leaked version of "An End Has A Start"' and i think this is dull indie rock.

What i dislike most is every song recalls each other and you can hear sound of catchy, cooly, moody music for college guys, and for others, i'm not sure if there are interesting songs to dig in the new record. I already tired of listening Ian Curtis copying on every Editors song, but musically this is ever and never close to Joy Divison. There are two or three comely works such as Bones, Spiders and When Anger Shows. But it can't cover that college guy feeling 'look i just found a new band! and it's my favorite now'. The desicion is yours but it was a cold experience for me.
mp3: The Editors - Spiders


YOU ARE A GHOST on 1:38 pm said...

Very generic, trying to ride a wave that passed out a little bit log ago, dont ya think?

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