The Durutti Column - Sporadic Three

Rating: 8.5/10
Durutti Column is one of the special names for me, on his music it's not hard to feel warm winds on your face. This collection contains exclusive tracks, outtakes, versions, and home demos. Reilly's off cuts contain more ideas than most of us have over the course of a lifetime. Like dreamy vocals from Cranes to Brian Wilson, dreamy guitars from Brian Eno to Phil Manzanera, Vini Reilly is one of the most alternative guitarists that i've ever heard. Isn't it so beautiful to hear all passions, colors, pain from pastoral descriptions on his guitar? Reilly really makes it strong, a very interesting collection that you should taste.
mp3: The Durutti Column - Birthday Present


Mug on 4:57 pm said...

Thanks! Great stuff.

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