The Clientele - God Save The Clientele

Rating: 7.9/10
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Summertime dreams are nearly to come true and warm weather begin to show its effect on music as always. Listening happy, sunny, songs make your day on a hot summmer day. A cold drink on your hand, and you only want having a good time like everybody else. There is an expression that we used to say in Turkish, every thing is in this world for people. And yes, we all deserve a good, high quality life, a good record to spend our time with.

Listening soft albums is always a good choice on summertime. You push to play button, take your seat and read your favorite magazine, looking to pictures to see something interesting. And on your backround music, suddenly a hit song starts to play from the same album . You say "oh it's great" to yourself. On "God Save The Clientele" not only he has a velvet voice, their arrangements are also romantic and melodic. The Clientele remind me last years' great records, for example Sleepy Jackson's, and one of my favorite summer record Puzzle Like You by Mojave 3. Their pure power pop sound roots from bands like Go-Betweens, Big Star, The Beatles, they can also be compared with Galaxie 500, Luke Haines, Mojave 3 and Felt and their labelmates Lambchop. But at the top of their musical influence, one name should be enough, dreamy and arcane treasure Gearge Harrison. While i fly with my parachute, i want "Bookshop Casanova" as my background music. It's the most energetic song on the new Clientele.

It's usually a lazy record. If you're looking for slow, dreamy music, grab "God Save The Clientele". These harmonies want to say something about love, and truly, god save the Clientele for better records in future!
MM picks: The Dance Of The Hours, Bookshop Casanova, The Queen Of Seville, Carnival On 7th Street
mp3: The Clientele - Bookshop Casanova [You can stream the whole album]


Allison Doolittle on 6:13 am said...

You're right- this is definitely a dreamy, lazy record. I'm also a fan of "Bookshop Casanova." Check out my blog at to see a review I did of The Clientele's gig in Austin last week.

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