I'm not a huge fan of Travis, but my view on music is always first listening to album after learning name of band. You should be objective, at the same time you have to be open-minded. So i'm liking the new Travis record. Yep! it's four times better than brain-fuckers (Arctic Donkeys), i still can't believe they almost did "Favourite Worst Nightmare" a masterpiece? The world is coming to its end? Anyway, "The Boy with No Name" is a kind of poppy, radio-friendy but good colored record.
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deniz ural on 8:54 am said...

What a great blog! It's a good luck to find here. Modern Music will be on the top of my favorite blogs list.

I am writing a blog in Turkish, which is similar in purpose: feed the ear by anti-mainstream sounds. :) Its name is "Deniz'in Kulağı", which means "Deniz's Ear." (By the way, your name is Turkish? There is a name Bulut here.)

Travis made my mind confused. Do I like them or not? :)I'll try the the new album.

bulut on 12:04 pm said...

Teşekkür ederim Deniz, i'm glad that you liked the fascinating music blog, and yes it's great to see a countrywoman.

Make your own decision on Travis, i think new album is good, and also i heard that Eno helped them a bit.

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