Tom Mcrae - King Of Cards

Rating 7.8/10
Modern Music Review
I've fallen in love with Tom Mcrae's thin voice, also his clever songwriting skill on his new record "King Of Cards". Maybe this ain't a kind of music you'll dance with, or you don't want to listen this on high volume speakers, but in the backround, yes in the backround, it's really what i'm looking for. Pure!, a thin touchable voice, that's what a songwriter should do on you, touching! When his sisters were listening to Kate Bush and U2, McRae followed and began buying records. At age 18, he went off to Guild Hall University to study music politics, soon forming bands and writing songs. His self-titled debut nominated for Mercury Music Prize in 2001. After two another Mcrae solo record Just Like Blood (2003) and All Maps Welcome (2005), he surprises us with another great record in which we'll see a smooth, melodic, radio-friendly style can be compared with mainstream names Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan , Nick Drake, Cousteau (do you know them?), so "King Of Cards" shows clearly his connection to listeners by hypnotizing music. "Got A Suitcase Got Regrets" analyzes his influence of Nick Drake. As well as its gloomy air, there are quite energic and nocturnal moments in "King Of Cards" like "Sound Of The City". A colourful view of spring is musically included in "Bright Lights". In the end of song named "Keep Your Picture Clear", you can see how he improves his artistic aptitude. It's not surprising but a luxurious listening and nice work for springtime. Apr 30, 2007
MM picks: Bright Lights, Sound Of The City, Keep Your Picture Clear
mp3: Tom Mcrae - Sound Of The City
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