Thirdimension Live

Thirdimension takes you beneath the surface, discovering another level to the music universe.
This isn´t just some high school band, this is a group on the day of graduation who are number one in their class. Oh, boy, will the connections never cease? Just go get yourself some good music like this.

This is the recent live record of swedish pop/ rock band pulling their influences from classic rock, britpop, psychedelia, and indie rock. The largely acoustic "Before the End Begins" is Thirdimension's most appealing album yet. A nice record for sundays.

mp3: Thirdimension - Where the Kids Try to Be Cool
mp3: Thirdimension - Dont fear the reaper / dream all day (Blue Öyster Cult and the Posies Cover)
mp3: Thirdimension - 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds (Jefferson Airplane Cover)


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