Tangerine Dream - Madcap's Flaming Duty

Rating: 8.4/10
Modern Music Review
The new Tangerine Dream release has gotten my attention for two weeks. A kind of music that you only relax and you're free to lie which position you wish. A Light and electronic wind, completely for blowing you up. This sneaky, speculative music can make your eyes widely open at times. On "Shape My Sin", music lies through natural world, creates a magical mood. Following with amazing instrumental "A Dream Of Death" proves that Tangerine Dream is always there as an instrumental band using just high-end modern technology. This is again Tangerine Dream, but it's more melodic and with the form of light arrangements. Chris Hausl's ethereal vocal performance is worth listening on "A Dream Of Death" ,it can't be much better. It's imposible not feeling Pink Floyd emotion and touch on the record. So "Madcap's Flaming Duty" is already dedicated to fabulous Syd Barrett.

The lyrics for each of the songs on the new album are adapted from English and American poets from 17th and 18th century literature by Bianca F. Acquaye. Call this as a mirrored view of human feelings on beats, synths, and instruments which have their own personality.
MM picks: A Dream Of Death, Hear The Voice, Mad Song
mp3: Tangerine Dream - Hear The Voice

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24_frames on 9:31 pm said...

Totally agree, MFD is a stunning album from TD, nothing like their usual style...but music of the highest quality and Chris Hausl's brings it to another level.




Paul Bloor said...

I was pleasantly surprised by this album. TD have tried unsuccessfully to involve lyrics before eg. Tyger, Cyclone. The difference hear is that real songs have been put together and the arrangements support the excellent vocal styles. A triumph and an end to the myth that TD don`t do lyrics!

24_frames on 7:24 pm said...

Tangerine Dream are playing at the Forum Kentish town in London on November 1st, 2008 (Expect almost 3 hours of music, including tracks from Tangram, Stratosfear, Hyperborea and Views from a Red Train plus a full laser show). Tickets available now!!!!

6 days later they are in the USA appearing at the Royce Hall, UCLA, in Los Angeles. Tickets available from tomorrow (July 23rd)...BUT over 1000 have already been sold to students of the University (before they go on sale to joe public) leaving just 750. So hurry if you're interested, otherwise you'll miss TD's only US gig in over a decade


24_frames on 3:51 pm said...

1.11.08, the Forum, Kentish Town, London, UK
2.11.08, Picture House, Edinburgh, Scotland
7.11.08, Royce Hall, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA

24db on 7:22 am said...

1.4.10 Tangerine Dream, The Zeitgeist concert, live at the Royal Albert Hall

Sildenafil Citrate on 11:05 pm said...

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