Sufjan Stevens - Free Man In Paris

'Assembling a cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Free Man in Paris” required more than a few musical somersaults. Who can possibly surmount Joni’s rollercoaster vocal lines with all those odd syntaxes and off beat pronunciations? My final attempt was less homage and more deconstruction, unfortunately. But I was most unprepared for one unlikely obstacle: David Geffen.' says Sufjan.

A Tribute to Joni Mitchell’, the first major US tribute album to the legendary artist, is set for release on April 24th. Musicians from many genres are represented on the 12 tracks of both rare and quintessential songs from the revered and influential singer/songwriter’s expansive career.

There are also two striking covers in the tribute and they're Blue by Sarah McLachlan, Edith And The Kingpin by Elvis Costello. If you ask me the best cover is opening song “Free Man in Paris” by Sufjan Stevens. It really pictures meaningfull lyrics of the song which is originally written by Mitchell.
mp3: Sufjan Stevens - Free Man In Paris


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