Nine Inch Nails - Year zero

Are you enjoying with the new NIN? It seems that we're enjoying. I've never been a diehard fan of this band?¿. As one person project, NIN draws its own world lyrically and musically. On "Year Zero", you can see his mastering effort on electronic music that has connection between metal, ambient, industrial. And also this is the most personal Trent Reznor work. It's mainly speaking of industrial music and you never get any meaning until it's listened. A clever recording below our first and best "Pretty Hate Machine" and the following "The Downward Spiral".
MM picks: The Good Soldier, The Great Destroyer
mp3: Nine Inch Nails - The Great Destroyer


Anonymous said...

your blog is so fucking GREAT!
i love this!



Monkey Bastard on 6:56 pm said...

Great blog! lookin good

i personally cant stand the new NIN album, it's pure rubbish. I got plenty more on NIN right here:

Anonymous said...

shit forum

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