The National - Boxer

Rating: 8/10
Modern Music Review
The National returns with a stronger album increased by solid guitar cracks, gloomy bass guitar, alive piano sections, woodwinds, backing vocals, strings, and organs, plus three contributors include Doveman, Marla Hansen, and neighborhood friend Sufjan Stevens. Even though i prefer Stuart Staples for a romantic midnight playlist, Matt Berninger and Stuart are all inspiring singers. I love calling this style as drunken indie rock. When asked to describe Boxer, it draws bold strings around indie rock routines, and of course "Boxer" ain't a very distinctive or perfect record, we've seen many perfect example of this kind of thin-skinned rock music. Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Serge Gainsbourg, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Scott Walker, and Wilco, and they were better. But The National find ways to combine all of these , they take same melancholy, same blue sound, and they mix their own emotions to the songs which are about love, war and money.

The National gives sort of examples on songs Apartment Story, Brainy, Slow Show -- where a clear Joy Division influence appears -- like in the post-punk movement by later emphasizing not anger and energy but mood and expression. Little details are so important in "Boxer", more you listen it, the more you love it. That's what i've been doing during one month. I've got this album and who cares a writing, i just want to listen to it now!
MM picks: Fake Empire, Brainy, Green Gloves, Slow Show
mp3: Brainy

Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers
mp3: Slipping Husband
mp3: Murder Me Rachael

The National (S/T Debut)
mp3: Cold Girl Fever


alan williamson on 1:58 am said...

Very nice review, Bulut. I agree all around, I can't wait to get another chance to see the band live next month... I wish you could see them as well.

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