Manic Street Preachers - Send Away The Tigers

Rating: 8/10
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I liked previous "LifeBlood" and nice rarities compilation "Lipstick Traces: A Secret History Of". This becomes a real MSP record chemically. It has James Dean's aggressive vocals, nice guitar rollings remind The Manics' early years such as debut Generation Terrorists, major effort Holy Bible, and also gleamy Gold Against the Soul. While playing impressive electric guitars that draw usual The Manic style, they also combines hard rock, punk pop, alternative rock and britpop. A radio-friendly duet with Nina Persson (singer of The Cardigans) gets major commercial effort. Winterlovers adds a good direction to The Manics' music and it's completely awesome.

"Send Away The Tigers" feeds your daily music need, and it's a living proof of where they are now. Notably, it's not a easy work maintaining a stabilized carrier, writing an album still sounds original and moving, and also if you consider all disbanded bands from same period of time like The Stone Roses, Blur Nirvana, Suede, The Verve, Mansun, Shed Seven, Manic Street Preachers continue without screwing up things.

Regenerating their sound, intending to restore revolution to rock & roll at a time when Britain was dominated by indie rock, they do a great job, and this is the best The Manics record since 1996, "Everything Must Go".

The Formula is energic rock n' roll roots where they catch a completely powerful and fresh sound!. "Winterlovers" just closes the record and it relates to a song by John Lennon, it's "Working Class Hero". Street date: May 7, 2007
MM picks: Undergods, Imperial Bodybags, Winterlovers
mp3: Manic Street Preachers - Send Away the Tiger


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