For a long time, i was thinking about a 90s chart on this blog. I've been spending my whole time on listening music. Even though i go out six days of week, thanks to the new technology, i can carry more than 100 cd with me. So i'll be presenting some good stuff from 90s in the section. Nirvana, Pavement, Guided by Voices, Stereolab... and also underrated bands like fIREHOSE, Sunny Day Real Estate, Camper Van Beethoven...many of them will come!

Luna is the first band i wanted to remember, and "Bewitched" their the softest record. It starts with my favorite cut California (All the Way), it ends with another amazing work Sleeping Pill. Dean Wareham's songwriting makes this record splendid, moreover he is an extremely distinctive guitarist.

Candies, i see many of them on a supermarket which i pass nearby everyday. It's so painful that a candy isn't satisfying for me anymore. Last day i saw a kid talking on Tv "I don't want to grow", that kid was quite clever. Maybe i can't take my childhood back but i can remember
them while listening to "Bewitched". Luna Official Page
mp3: Luna - Tiger Lily
mp3: Luna - Friendly Advice, Live


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