The Field - From Here We Go Sublime

Rating: 9/10
This is new album of Swedish artist The Field which titled From Here We Go Sublime on Cologne's uber-prolific and super-duper Kompakt Records. Imagine a digital world where all object only move by rhythm of electronic music. The world of Fields! This is the place for only electronic materials, if you want to go in, act like a robot or let it music grow on you, there is no place for slobs. The time came to break your brooding, it's time for real action.

"From Here We Go Sublime" offers very smart music at every moment, it never needs a vocal performance to border the music.
That show success of it on the genre techno where voice stops, beats talk. The beginning of spring is right time for dance music. But the problem with techno music usually is that it may exhaust you during high beats, high volume, long time playing... The Field walks in differently, though. You'll realize that The Field's limpid, liquid, and white sound provides almost perfect recording. Every minor detail deserves compliments. And that's for sure, "Mobilia" is the key song of it.

This perfect dynamism of computer-made music, still controlled by a human, shows how important electronic music will be in the future. It's my new obsession for now.
MM picks: Over the Ice, A Paw In My Face, Sun & Ice, Mobilia
mp3: Field - A Paw In My Face
Over the Ice, and Everyday at:
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