Elliott Smith - New Moon

Rating: 8.5/10
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To be honest, Elliott Smith's every work sounds good. Even if they aren't masterpieces, they will impress all listeners by distinctive songwriting. We know that every style has its right moment to play. So Elliott Smith did marvelous music for times when you're crawled on your sofa like a depressive cat. Of course, it can make you smile at times, because of highly contented music.

"New Moon" features 24 songs extended over two CDs, dating from the mid '90s. On first disc, cover of Alex Chilton's "Thirteen" shot me there, and i just lie for listening more and more. I usually find rarities blunt, as for "New Moon" we can say again all generalizations are wrong. First disc includes mainly striking demo work of 1995 sessions, and second one comes with its brooding atmosphere that calms you down.

This is a complete goodness for Elliott Smith fans and a great rarities compilation which is almost resembling solo record. If he'd lived, i'm sure he would have composed many wonderful records.

Musicians, friends, good people, don't kill yourself because of...life is already hard, but suicide isn't a solution.

MM picks: Riot Coming, New Disaster, Pretty Mary K, Almost Over From, Half Right
mp3: Elliott Smith - Pretty Mary K (removed by label request)
mp3: Elliott Smith - High Times


Anonymous said...

How do you misspell his name everywhere when the album cover is right next to the text?

bulut on 8:52 pm said...

ı think i'm just blind, sorry for that, and thank you for reminding.

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