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Experimental series of music could make sudden changings on your appearance, spirit and brain. Listening many different style of music really works on a person's creative ideas , it helps to grow your selectivity. Don't say i'm not interested in music without vocal/singer. There is always something interesting on activities which you haven't tried before. It's time for action, it's time for reflection by music. Mouse On Mars, Can and J.Peter Schwalm are from Germany and it's just happened by accident!

Mouse On Mars - Schunkel (1995)
The best song of Mouse on Mars from their masterpiece "Iaora Tahiti". As a personal favorite of mine, this song really deserves a mention. Very sweet, yes sweet electronic music, sometimes it becomes freaky but Schunkel never loses its pink taste. Horror!

Brian Eno & J.Peter Schwalm - Persis (2001)
Persis is simply the best work of Brian Eno and German DJ J. Peter Schwalm collaboration. Persis is included in "Drawn From Life" which has great background listening. Mostly it should be preferred at nights.

Lou Reed - Wind coda (2007)
From Lou reed's forthcoming obscure "Hudson River Wind Meditations" 2007, cool i love innovative noises. But you should have a great sound system to get the music, sub basses, minimalism.

Can - Dizzy Dizzy (1974)
A definite brilliant composition, perfect combination violin with electronic music.

We also recommend these:
Mouse On Mars - Iaora Tahiti
Brian Eno & John Cale - Wrong Way Up
Can - Ege Bamyasi


Anonymous said...

Mouse On Mars are new to me. Like this track in particular. Thanks for introducing them.

'Eno' and 'Can' of course, are brilliant.

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